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Academic Resources

You don’t have to navigate this college journey alone. A dedicated team of faculty and staff is always eager to point you in the right direction or just keep you moving on your path to success.

Academic Resources


At WNCC, we offer tutoring options in one-on-one settings, group settings, or even with a student tutor so you can find a learning environment that fits your preferences. Regardless of the type of tutoring, we hope to help you walk away with more confidence in your studies.


After your first semester at WNCC, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. You also have the opportunity to meet with transfer advisors and career pathways advisors. Whether you need a little advice on deciding on next semester’s classes or looking for a summer internship, we can help.


We enjoy the two years you spend with us. After graduation, you might transition to a four-year institution. We’ll help you get there. Be sure to meet with your faculty and career advisors frequently to ensure a successful transfer.

English as a Second Language

Our Adult Education offices offer free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to anyone looking to sharpen their English language skills. By helping hone your English skills, we strive to improve your employability.


Student Support Centers

College is meant to push you academically. But don’t be afraid to ask for help! Virtual or in-person tutoring is available through our Math and Writing centers. We also offer support resources in the Howard Olsen Student Success Center.

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