At WNCC, you'll find someone willing to help you around every corner. That support system is available to you from the moment you apply for admission. To ensure your success at WNCC, each student is assigned a faculty advisor in their first semester with us. That faculty advisor, whose name and contact info is displayed on your Portal home page, has special training and experience in your field of interest, so you can be sure you're receiving advice from an expert.

Throughout your time at WNCC, you should meet with your faculty advisor often to discuss class schedules, what to expect from your courses, and options for post-WNCC career paths. You'll also have the available resource of Career Pathways & Advising advisors, who can help you plan for your future and develop the skills needed to find and land your dream job.


Registering for Classes

Not only does the Advising Office at WNCC link students with faculty and staff advisors, it also provides support and recommendations for registering for classes and changing your schedule.


Dropping Classes

You may drop a course without penalty up to five days after the initial meeting of the class during the fall and spring terms or up to three days after the initial meeting for summer term and 8-week classes. 


Placement Testing

To ensure accurate advising, we require some students to complete the Next Generation ACCUPLACER, a pre-enrollment assessment.


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