Student Success & Retention

While everyone defines student success a little bit differently, our main objective at WNCC is to help students reach their educational goals! We promote student success through many avenues. From academics to internship opportunities, WNCC has you covered.


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The Howard Olsen Student Success Center has been a big help since day one of my journey here at WNCC. I find myself going there multiple times a day just to ask questions concerning transfer information, my class schedule, potential job postings, or general questions.  Connor Moore 2021, General Studies - Social Sciences
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We want to help you succeed while you are here, and prepare you to transfer or enter the workforce! We provide detailed information to help you through the admissions process, extensive career and academic advising throughout your student experience at WNCC, and a college success course (Achieving College Success) that will help you prepare for the rigors of college, both inside and outside the classroom.

We also provide tools and resources to help keep you on track, including tutoring, support centers, and online early alert tracking – just in case you need an extra layer of support.

Helpful Resources

While those are just some of the highlights, WNCC offers many more programs, courses, student organizations, and opportunities to enrich your experience and achieve your goals!

Still have questions? Visit the Howard Olsen Student Success Center on our Scottsbluff Campus or reach out to our Student Success Director, who also serves as an advisor in the Career Pathways & Advising department, any time for assistance!


Luke A. Stobel
Student Success & Retention Director