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Medical Laboratory Technician

Acquire the skills to work as a medical lab technician in this lucrative field.

A career working in a medical lab or physicians’ office is worthwhile and rewarding. The Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program at WNCC will prepare you to perform a wide range of routine and complex clinical laboratory procedures that are associated with blood and body-fluid analysis. This plays an important role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of many diseases and in the promotion of health. An MLT assesses the reliability / accuracy of the testing, maintains and operates diagnostic equipment, evaluates patient results, prepares analytical reagents and controls, troubleshoots problems with specimens / analyzers, along with other duties.

Our curriculum encompasses a combination of general education courses, online MLT didactic lectures, in-person laboratory sessions, and clinical experience in a hospital or clinic. Once you successfully complete our prescribed curriculum, you will be eligible to take the examination for national professional certification allowing you to work in a variety of clinical settings, including hospital laboratories, physicians’ offices, clinics, and blood donor centers.

Award Types

  • Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology 
  • Certificate in Phlebotomy

About the Program