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Online Learning

Whether you’re interested in taking just a few classes remotely, or wanting to complete all your studies online, we have options for you. 

Online courses are taught electronically using the learning management system (LMS) Blackboard. Some courses are taught fully online, while others utilize online components to facilitate communication with faculty or turn in assignments or check grades. Our campuses are also equipped with Interactive Video (ITV) distance learning classrooms, so you can attend classes that are being held concurrently on another campus.

Taking online classes requires a certain amount of self-discipline and organization. Because you will not be meeting face-to-face with an instructor, you are ultimately responsible for remembering all deadlines, listening to all the lectures, and reaching out when you need additional help understanding the material. We recommend scheduling specific time throughout the week for your classes, so you can develop a routine. If you need a little help organizing or could use some advice, speak with our Career Pathways & Advising department.

How to Apply

eHelp Center

We have a number of academic resources and services available for students on each of our three campuses. However, if you’re unable to make it to campus, give our eHelp Center a try. This online resource is available to help students with technical problems with online services at WNCC.

The eHelp Center is housed in the Scottsbluff Campus library, but assistance is also provided via email at, phone at 308.635.6071, or even text message/SMS at 308.225.5015.


On top of the online learning components offered through our programs of study, you can also complete non-credit professional development courses via Ed2Go.

Ed2go provides high-quality online continuing education courses that are affordable and easy to use through a network of more than 2,100 top colleges and universities. As a virtual college, ed2go offers the latest instructor-led online courses from the top professionals in their field. Visit to see courses available.

Is Online Learning for You?

Ask yourself these questions to see if you are ready for online classes. 

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