What We Do

We do a little of everything around the college. Scratch that. We do A LOT of everything around the college. Through the WNCC Foundation, we offer a variety of opportunities, services, and events to ensure our students are well-equipped to reach their full potential.

More than 70 scholarships are administered through the WNCC Foundation each year. For some, that means an opportunity to be a first-generation college graduate. For others, it means the luxury of dedicating more time to study, rather than working through college. Regardless of their story, our students greatly benefit from the scholarships that funnel through the WNCC Foundation.

We also strongly back programs of study that can grow future business in our area. We work closely with advisory boards throughout the Panhandle to make sure your voice is heard and are receiving the best response from WNCC.

And above all, we work in your best interest. Delegating your time and money is no easy task, and one we take incredibly seriously. As a resident, taxpayer, volunteer, or donor, you deserve to know how your money or time is being used. Because we strive for transparency, we want to show you.

Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund is available to any WNCC student who has an unexpected expense that could keep them from completing a class, semester, or program.

For questions on the student emergency fund, contact us at 308.630.6550 or alumni@wncc.edu.


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I was not sure what I was going to do after spending 21 years in the United States Air Force, but I enjoyed teaching the younger airmen how to be successful at their job and studies. This is why I chose to become an elementary school teacher. I am committed to my education and am one step closer to becoming a teacher thanks to your continued generosity.

Allen Brezenski, Swanson Teacher Scholarship Recipient WNCC Graduate ’17
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Through the efforts of the recent WNCC Works: Expanding the Possibilities campaign, nearly half a million dollars was awarded in scholarship money through the WNCC Foundation. Most of the scholarships available for WNCC students can be found on the Financial Aid page, though the WNCC Foundation administers one transfer scholarship with a separate application process.

Program Support

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The board and management of WESTCO is very excited that WNCC offers an Applied Agriculture Certificate program.

David Briggs, WESTCO President & CEO WESTCO donated $50,000 toward Applied Agriculture program
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As a community college, one of the best ways we can support our service area is through programs of study that train a new workforce. Over the last several years, the community has offered considerable academic support to the WNCC Foundation, which includes funding to maintain programs such as Surgical Technology, Emergency Medical Services, and Applied Agriculture to name a few.


Campaigns & Initiatives

See how we’re putting your money to work.