Conestoga Hall

Conestoga Hall, which opened in the fall of 2007, provides our students with the latest in campus living. The well-equipped suites with various layouts throughout this two-story hall accommodates 148 co-ed students.

Choose from one of three layouts: super singles, double, and four-plex suites. Super-single suites are private rooms that offer a single bed with a private bath. Double suites have two double-bed rooms connected by a single common area containing a suite-based bath area. Four-plex suites are designed for students who wish to have a higher level of privacy, but be around others. Four single rooms and two bathrooms are connected by a common area. 

All options are equipped with suite-controlled heating and air conditioning, basic telephone service (you provide the phone), basic cable service and, of course, free WiFi.

In addition to the spacious rooms, residents of Conestoga enjoy two computer labs, a quiet study/music area, an on-site student kitchen, a student lounge with fireplace and pool table on the main floor, and two laundry facilities. Dining services are offered in the adjacent Pioneer Hall complex.

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