Science, Engineering & Math

You see the world in a way like no one else. You understand what makes a plant grow, a car move, and the world turn, and seek ways to improve the world through science.

Finding your passion

Whether you are interested in the natural world, the industrial world, or a world in another galaxy, WNCC’s Science, Engineering, and Math programs can provide you with the tools needed to succeed in the lab, the field, and in the classroom. Our programs include general math and science studies; life science and natural resources for careers in biology or forestry & wildlife management; and physical sciences studies in chemistry, pre-engineering, math, and physics.

Career Opportunities

Astronomer, Chemical Engineer, Conservation Officer Environmental Chemist, Financial Analyst, Forensic Firearms Examiner, Mechanical Engineer, Meteorologist Nuclear Physicist, Outdoor Educator, Scientist, Statistician, Toxicologist, Wildlife Biologist

Program of Studies