Humanities & Social Sciences

You seek to understand the why in human actions and want to see the world become a better place, whether it be through helping a person in need, or seeing beauty in the world around you.

Finding your passion

Our education programs encompass ages from pre-school through adult and can vary from informal to formal settings, providing the necessary skills to succeed in educating the next generation.

Our humanities programs include general social science, language and fine arts studies, psychology, social work and criminal justice with degrees and certificates available in various programs.

This cluster also includes the Fine Arts programs, where our students take center stage and bring a world of cultural enrichment to our campuses.

Career Opportunities

Actor, Artist, Attorney, Daycare Provider, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Family Support Worker, Law Enforcement Officer, Musician, Probation Officer, Psychiatrist, Social Worker, Teacher, Translator, Victims Advocate

Program of Studies