Financial Dimension

This site is here to give you the facts about community college and to help you enhance your community college experience.

WNCC Resources
More information about WNCC resources for E-help, Community Resources, Counseling Services, Food Pantry, Library Resources, Student Emergency Fund, and Tutoring.

Western Nebraska Resource Guide
This site allows you to explore the different services available throughout the panhandle by county and age group. 

WNCC Financial Aid
Information about the different types of financial aid available at WNCC.

Cash Course
Topics of Interest Available on CashCourse:

Protect Yourself from Fraud and Scams

Learn tips to protect yourself from scams, avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, and steps to take to restore your credit and recover from an attack. 

Tax Information

Understand how to complete a W-4 employment form as well as the basics of payroll taxes and filing a tax return.

Create Your Own Spending Plan

Get your financial life on track by setting financial goals, creating a spending plan, and learning how to repay debt

Building Good Credit

Learn the keys to good credit management, including understanding your credit score and credit report and responsible use of credit cards

Managing Debt & Getting Out of Debt

Learn how to successfully manage student loans, credit cards, and other types of debt, including creating a debt repayment plan

Planning for Major Purchases

Learn what factors to consider before you make major purchases, including buying a home or a car

Moving Off Campus

Get assistance with developing an off-campus budget and weighing your housing options.

Understanding Financial Aid

Understand and learn how to manage your student loans, including creating a debt repayment plan and the importance of balancing work and school

Preparing for Life After College

Graduating soon? We can help you prepare for the expenses of moving and help you create a budget with you new salary. We can also talk about insurance and investing basics and employee benefits

Get Assistance With Your Financial Problems

Let us know what specific financial challenges you are encountering and we will help you find solutions to overcome your challenges, including helping you create an action plan for success

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